The Reception of Eutyches at Ephesus

The Oriental Orthodox communion has been regularly and routinely accused of following the teaching of Eutyches, the controversial archimandrite of Constantinople. But Eutyches has never been considered a saint, his teaching, such as it is, has never been promoted, or transmitted, his error is not very clear. The Church of St Dioscorus, St Timothy and St Severus cannot be considered Eutychian. How did he come to be received at Ephesus II after having been condemned by Archbishop Flavian of Constantinople? This lecture which consider the place of Eutyches in the Christological controversy in some detail.


  • Prasad Mathew

    How relieved we feel after listening to this scholarly, very researched podcast, ‘The Reception of Eutyches at Ephesus’.

    “We shall know the truth and the truth will set us free” is coming true by this podcast-the truth about the confusion of the name of Eutyches, the weak theologian.

    And what great error and confusion is generated by the churches which use this name to camouflage one of the greatest of all Christian theologians and pillar of Christianity St. Cyril of Alexandria.

    This podcast testifies to the great mistake the Catholic Church makes in doing so, to the detriment of the world Christianity. Lies or ignorance or parochialism or game playing or whatever is the reason behind this use of the name of Eutyches in covering up the truth: is amply explained by Fr. Peter Farrington in this podcast.

    Now there remains no reason for the Churches including the E O Churches to cling to the name of Eutyches to accuse the O O Churches of Monophysitism.

    Every Christian should listen to this podcast and release self from the error and ignorance about the O O Churches and the monophysite accusation against them.

    Positively all the Coptic, Ethiopian, Eritrean, Armenian, Indian Orthodox and the Syrian Orthodox Christians should listen to this podcast and release self from error and ignorance.

    What a great impact will it be when released from error and ignorance!

    Jun 15, 2012 at 11:26 am